One of our trickiest tasks is treading the line between protecting products on their way to you, without creating more waste.

Where we can, we use sustainable, recycled and easily recyclable materials, such as cardboard and paper.  We strip out as much plastic as possible, for example, our drum lamp shades are not wrapped in the cellophane often found on shades.

Bio-Additive Technology

We use plastic to keep our UK made cushions clean, but we have sourced a bag containing a bio-additive, which can be recycled, and if it does go to landfill, will breakdown into natural elements within 24 months, rather than the hundreds of years that is normal for plastic to degrade.

From Artisan To You

Some of our products are produced outside of the UK by small, family-run artisans.  Our handloomed, ethically sourced rugs will be handled multiple times during the journey from a village to your door and because compostable alternatives are not currently robust enough, plastic is used to ensure their safe passage.  As soon as possible, we will move away from this.

The Future

The good news is that thanks to societal pressures, there is rapid development in the science of packaging.  We will continue to eliminate as much unnecessary plastic as we can and work with our suppliers to adopt new technologies when they become available.

If you have any further questions, please do get in touch.